Teriyaki Mackerel and Cucumber and Carrot salad with lime and sesame

I serve this as a starter or a snack, just make more if you want a main – it’s really quick to make and very tasty – try this if you think that you don’t like mackerel!

Ingredients per person:

1 mackerel fillet

1 tsp teriyaki sauce/marinade (I used Wagamama, guess any brand will do, for these quantities it’s probably not worth making your own)

5 or six ‘ribbons’ of carrot cut using a potato peeler (Y-shaped ones are easiest)

5 or six ‘ribbons’ of cucumber cut using a  potato peeler (avoid the seeds in the centre – they’re a bit watery)

splash of olive oil

splash of lime juice (mine was from a bottle – but if you’ve got guests a squeeze of lime and served with a wedge would be better)

splash of sesame oil


Cut mackerel crosswise into approx 1 cm strips

Heat oil until it’s quite hot in a frying pan, add mackerel strips skin down

Use a teaspoon to paint the flesh side of the mackerel with half the teriyaki sauce, turn fish and paint the other side, turn heat down low and cook for 3-4 minutes

Arrange the carrot and cucumber on your plate, splash with lime and sesame oil

Turn mackerel back over again, heat back up to high for one and a half minutes

Put mackerel on plate with the salad and drizzle over any leftover sauce from the pan


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