Chicken in a bag tagine

Chicken in a bag tagine thing (start early – minutes to prepapre – three hours in oven)

Serves 4-6

4 large chicken breasts

2 onions

1 butternut squash (or carrots or sweet potatoes or a mix)

2 courgettes

2-3 tablespoons of chutney (whatever you have, mango or one of those one’s lurking at the back of the fridge – mine was a sort of indian spicy-ish one and I also added the end of a jar of currant jelly for a sweet note)

Salt and pepper

Tablespoon or two of flour

Couple of tsp chilli flakes (depending on how hot your chutney is)

Couple of oxo cubes


1 roasting bag

1 deep pyrex dish


Preheat oven to 160 degrees C


Add flour, seasoniong, stock cubes, chilli falkes

Add vegetables cut into smallish chunks – about half inch-ish

Add chicken breasts cut into halves

Mix everything up in the bag,

Place bag in a deep casserole dish, add water to very nearly cover ingredients – tie bag loosely and make a couple of slits to let steam out

Place in oven for three hours (or longer)

Make cous cous – it takes a couple of minutes

Warm flat bowls

Drain couscous – place in bowls

Fish out half a chicken breast and chop up withh scissors – one per bowl or more if your hungry

Ad vegetables and spoon over enough gravy to flavour cous cous – sprinkle with chopped coriander

Eat – leftovers will freeze or can be smooshed to soup – add some spinach if you’re feeling virtuous


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