Apples with Butter and Sugar

This is a really easy way to make a sweet and buttery apple dessert – they’re like the fruit in a tarte tatin but without the pastry.  Serve by themselves; with cream, or even better Chantilly; as a topping for pancakes or to top with a crumble mix of butter, oats and a little flour and crisp under the grill

serves 2

1 large eating apple (ones with pink skins look pretty)

2 tablespoons of sugar

1 large knob of butter

Cut apple into bite sized wedges and discard core (no need to peel)

Melt butter in a pan that will take your apple wedges in a single layer

Add apples to pan, sprinkle on sugar and toss about so all surface of the apple are covered in the buttery sugary mixture

Turn heat to medium and allow to bubble gently for  five to ten minutes

The apples won’t spoil if you want to keep them warm for a bit under some tinfoil or in a low oven – whilst you prepare/eat your first course, or make pancakes. They are also nice cold and will keep in the fridge for several days




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