Crispy potato sunflowers

These easy potato galettes make pretty, crispy flower shapes to serve with loads of different things – use them as a crispy topping for dishes that would sometimes have a pastry topping – or to add texture on the plate for a stew or casserole, or as an alternative to chips or especially game chips or get creative and make them slightly curved (cook on a small,oiled, metal bowl) and fill with scrambled eggs and smoked fish or to present any side dish that might otherwise spill over the plate – do it at the last minute though so that the potatoes stay as crispy as possible


Potatoes – floury rather than new – any kind that says it’s good for roasting or baking – think about the size that you want your sunflowers to be, then pick potatoes of the correct diameter

Oil – olive . though it probably doesn’t matter too much


Heat oven to 200 C

Peel potato – leaving it nice and smooth, this is no time for the digging out of eyes – just peel until eyes have gone

Slice potatoes incredibly thinly – a mandolin is ideal for this, you should be able to see through the slices

Dip a piece of kitchen paper in oil and grease a non-stick baking tray with it – just coating the surface, you could use baking parchment, but make sure that it’s absolutely flat

Arrange your potato slices into a flower shape i.e. an overlapping ring of  ‘petals’ and a centre one (you can of course make whater shapes you like – if you’re serving on a rectangular dish, at the sort of meal where everything is in the centre of the table for people to help themselves, you could make them in lines and get all cheffy) make sure the slices overlap by about a third otherwise you risk them not sticking together – make as many flowers as you want (or have potato for)

Use a pastry brush or spray to paint the thinest possible layer of oil onto the top of the potatoes

Place in oven for fiteen to twenty minutes until brown and crispy – sprinkle with salt to serve

You can also place another greased tin on top to weigh down the potato slices and encourage them to stick together





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