Martin’s Roast Potatoes

He makes lovely roast potatoes, the key to this is taking enough time – if you’re making roast potatoes as part of a roast dinner, the oven will be at the correct temperature for the meat, so in this recipe you start the potatoes off at whatever temperature the oven is already at and then when the meat is resting (and it can rest, with a tinfoil hat, for ages – half an hour or even three-quarters) whilst you get perfect roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, gravy, veg etc finished calmly and unflustered


Potatoes – floury rather than new or waxy – the results are still good if new or waxy is all you have, they’re just not as fluffy in the middle

Duck or Goose fat – again for preference, if you haven’t got any then use some cooking oil, might not be as crispy and as deliciious, but still good – don’t use butter though, it’ll burn.

Salt and pepper


Cut potatoes into thirds or quarters – or whatever size you like smaller will cook more quickly, but you’ll have less fluffy interior to mash into the gravy

Par-boil the potatoes for about ten minutes or until a knife goes in about a third of the way to the centre before you feel the uncooked bit

pour the potatoes into a colander then back into the pan, put the lid on the pan and shake vigorously to roughen the outside (you can also roughen the outside of each potato with a fork if you have more time than sense). Leave to steam dry thoroughly

About twenty minutes before you expect to take the meat out of the oven. In a roasting tin with sides, but big enough to take all of the potatoes in a single layer, heat the goose fat or oil in the oven until it is sizzling hot, add the potatoes (carefully – that oil is VERY hot) and turn them in the oil. Put back in the oven for twenty minutes. When the meat is taken out of the oven, turn the heat up to 200/220 and turn the potatoes, keep turning them every ten minutes or so until they’re looking golden and cooked.


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