Plain Boiled Rice

How to cook:

Lots of people have ‘foolproof’ methods of making boiled rice – here’s mine, I make it before I start on the rest of dinner, then tip boiling water over it at the last minute – this has served me well for years and saves on the hassle of trying to get the rice right at the last minute. One word of warning though, rice kept warm for too long is a surprisingly quick and very nasty source of food poisoning.

If you buy economy or big bags of rice from an Indian or Chinese shop, you might want to rinse it thoroughly under a cold tap until the water runs clear and the excess starch is removed – my sister does this and says that’s the right way, I don’t bother and have no trouble. If you do it my way and your rice ends up stodgy and stuck together – try the rinsing and also be careful that you’re not cooking it for too long, either leaving it boiling for too long before getting the lid and low heat sorted out or because you didn’t stop cooking the minute the timer went off.


1 mug of rice, 2 mugs of water (I give the amounts for two people – but the basic rule is one measure of rice to two measures of water – just add half a mug of water and half a mug of rice per person)

large pinch salt

splash or three of lemon juice (omit if you haven’t got any)


put all ingredients in a large pan on a high heat/big ring

The minute it comes to a proper boil put a lid on and move to the lowest heat you have (I usually change to smallest ring, lowest heat)

Put timer on for 15 minutes, don’t lift lid until timer goes off

As soon as timer goes off, tip rice into a sieve and run under cold tap until it’s completely cold, leave to drain

When ready to serve – fill kettle, boil, tip over sieve, use a fork to help the boiling water drain  (it aLso eveporates quickly so you won’t get soggy rice) and serve


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